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On the estate

The 25-hectare Targnon estate is any nature lover’s dream. We deliberately chose to leave its natural beauty alone and to only intervene wherever restoration is required. The result is worth a detour. Authentic Ardennes nature at its best! The southern section of the estate is less hilly and perfect for a number of less taxing activities. The northern and eastern sections are much steeper and lend themselves to more challenging pastimes. That combination allows us to offer our guests a varied programme, which we get an external party to organise. So, if you’re looking for some fun activities during your stay, make sure to have a look at the day programmes listed below. Programmes can be tailored on request! Don’t fail to enquire about our special children’s programmes!

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All the activities take place under the watchful eye of Steven, a gentlemen with a degree in Physical Education from the Catholic University of Leuven. His give you an experience to reminisce about for many day's to come.... All activities are prepared in minute detail and can be tailored to accommodate individual requirements. Make sure to contact us should you have any further questions!

Around the estate

The area around the estate boasts a wealth of sign-posted walking and cycling routes. These will lead you through the mysterious Amblève and Lienne Valley with its breath-taking interplay of coniferous and deciduous woods. Maps of the area are available on request. If you look carefully you may even spot a deer, boar, fox, heron, buzzard or beaver on and around the estate.

Bikes can be organised via our trusted mountain bike-hire company. Do make sure to specify this at the time of reservation however. We also have a number of cycle maps at your disposal or, for a small fee, a guide can take you along the loveliest of tracks.

As the region boasts an infinite selection of activities and attractions for young and old, we have selected the most renowned ones on your behalf.

Practical information

  • City: 15 km (Aywaille/Spa)
  • Restaurants: 3 km (Stoumont)
  • Shopping: 15 km (Aywaille)
  • Supermarket: 10 km (Remouchamps)
  • Tourist Office: 3 km (Stoumont)
  • Cash dispenser: 15 km (Trois-Ponts)
  • Bus: 1 km
  • Railway station: 10 km (Coo)